An Elision is that powerful moment of transition where the conclusion of one musical phrase evolves and blends seamlessly into a new phrase. Elisions require mindful preparation, thoughtful follow through, and above all, deep artistry.

The Elision Institute applies these artistic principles to the training, education, development and support of musicians, serving as an umbrella organization linking individuals and institutions. Using the Whole Musician model, our approach is big-picture, interdisciplinary and integrative, providing useful resources, innovative research, and best practices. 


Pursuing music as a profession can be both incredibly rewarding and devastatingly difficult. Seductive on a very individual level, music touches people profoundly, providing deeply meaningful personal musical experiences, often beginning early in life. Together, these experiences can create a potent desire to pursue music as an all-encompassing career, a demanding and challenging path, but also incredibly rewarding when “goodness of fit” is actively considered. 

Theoretical models combined with and applied to real world institutions and situations can lead to enhanced career satisfaction by helping individuals find and attain authentic vocation—the work they are truly meant to do in life. It is my passion, hope and mission to tweak, then tip educational systems into positive change—both incremental and systemic—while providing schools and individuals with resources, support and connections to help make those changes possible, effective, and long lasting. 

I invite you to explore the ideas and resources on this website and contact us with your thoughts and ideas. We would be delighted to assist you on your musical journey.

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